What does coconut cider and coconut sap condiments taste like?

When I reminisce about my grandmother's kitchen, I remember two very distinct smells that I would never have guessed would be enticing many years later. The scent of freshly pounded garlic and pungent, zingy, tangy vinegar -- that was so distinctly in her kitchen. Not much different from sugar-free ice cream and the smell of her flowers and trees that radiate throughout the house, the vinegar of her dishes is a pleasant reminder of the good old days.

Now I have got no idea what vinegar she used. Back in her town, they made their bottles of vinegar at home and blended them as liked, and passed their recipes down from generation to generation. I do know that she made her vinegar with coconut, which was so interesting to me when cslstore.no sent out the GreenLife coconut vinegar. I thought that might be like what my grandmother used – true enough, it felt like home.

Coconut Sap Vinegar is unpasteurized and is the first type of vinegar that GreenLife has developed based on coconut sap's main ingredients. The sap is the liquid extracted from the coconut blossoms or flowers! It's got that great flavor and versatility of coconut vinegar. Still, since it is made with coconut sap instead of coconut water, it holds in all the minerals and nutrients of the coconut trees. It makes it ideal for health-conscious flavor lovers, and it is recommended to take 3 tbsp of this before very meals to increase fullness. This vinegar has an awe-inspiring blend of sourness and sweetness that brings out the best of your salad dishes. With just the right spice and sweetness that satisfies your tongue, GreenLife's Sap Coconut Vinegar is worth a try.



Coconut Cider Vinegar is pasteurized, and basically, another variant based on its original version - the raw Coconut Sap Vinegar. The twist in this vinegar is the addition of coconut sugar to its formula. It is to provide a distinct natural sweetness to the vinegar. Coming from the tropics, I adore seafood. Shrimp, crabs, tilapia, and a plethora of other fish were the staple of my childhood. As I think about it, I am drooling just from the thought of my next dish with GreenLife's Cider Coconut Vinegar. I honestly was not hopeful for this one as I am not really into ciders – in fact, I'm not too fond of the smell of apple cider vinegar. But when I tried out the Cider Coconut Vinegar with garlic shrimp, I became a convert (still, I wouldn't say I like the smell, though). I don't know what it is, but there's just something magical about the mixing of seafood and the intense flavors of GreenLife's Cider Coconut Vinegar.



Author: Bob Brillante 

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