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Great set, with so many different tools. The tools for the cuticles could’ve been a bit sharper, but other than that 10/10!

Great for moisture

It smells really nice and absorbed quickly. It gives a good amount of moisture as well!

Love it!

Really moisturizing, and still absorbs quick. Smells really good too :)

Fast Shipping!

I ordered my palmer sbest seller friday and it was delivered the day after. Legit seller, thank you for the free back scrubber!

Winter product favorite

Small,handy and cheaper than others. I am always been a fan of the Shea butter formula of Palmer's and this one saves my lips especially during winter. Fast delivery in the mailbox!


Amazing how tastu and creamy this product is.🤤


I have been looking for avocado oil, and it’s really good that this store sell it plus the sellers are really friendly and nice. Very good communication! I also got a freebie along with what I ordered! Very nice! Will definitely order more of their products in the future :))

Proteinella Smooth Hazelnut & Cocoa 200g

Proteinella Salted Caramel 200g


I highly recommend this product if you are the type that likes a spread that is tasty but not too sweet. I loved the taste and it is my favourite of the lot.


Smells like chocolate and is easy to apply after the shower. Helps for dry skin! Recommend!

Out of all the three flavors, this was by far the best (and I'm usually not a huge fan of white chocolate). I would enjoy this on a piece of toast or on fruits like strawberries and apples, as a treat for myself. I would highly recommend this if you want to treat yourself to something good and enjoy it guilt free!

Da har jeg fått prøvd de ulike påleggene

De var alle sammen veldig gode - opplever at sukkerfrie produkter ofte kan bli sånn "kalde" og litt falske i smaken, men opplevde at disse hadde en helt nydelig søtsmak som var akkurat passe. Konsistensen er nydelig og akkurat passe kremete, fyldige og gode! Den med hasselnøtter var veldig Nutella-aktig og er helt klart favoritten hvis jeg måtte valgt en - men en blandig av hasselnøtt og hvit sjokolade (som en slags duo) på brødskiva var helt sykt godt!! Den med salt karamell er også veldig god - rund og kraftig smak med et hint av salt.
Må si jeg ble veldig positivt overrasket av at det var såpass god søtsmak på et produkt som er uten sukker, for det blir fort veldig falskt som jeg nevnte over. Og konsistensen er helt perfekt for sånt pålegg 🙂


Happy to say that all three flavours arrived in Slovenia. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth and creamy its texture is, and since they are sugar free - no need to resist. Love the taste of salted caramel and white chocolate.

Really nice proper white chocolate taste! It is a real treat!


Nice, smooth and tasty spread with the perfect sweetness. I highly recommend this product.


Very nice spread but with strong a cocoa taste.