Education opens up opportunities and harnesses the educated's potential to create and provide solutions. More importantly, it empowers individuals and enables them to rise from poverty. With it, dreamers can be creators, and imaginations become inventions. By having a solid foundation of reading and writing skills paired with numeric literacy, studies have shown that education is among the most valuable tools a person can have. It allows individuals to pull themselves up out of poverty. Furthermore, the positive effect of education in the society can help build a good economy. Therefore, we want to share our blessing by giving back to the community.

Here in CSL, we like to give back to our heritage by helping young Filipino children get the education they need through the Chosen Children Village Foundation's help. When our journey started, we knew that whatever we do, it has to be for a good cause. We acknowledged that we want to have a life-improving impact on the people we help. Having experienced the value of education and understanding how it opened opportunities for us, education was top of mind.

We are committed in helping kids from the CCVF, and now we have our first kid that we are proud to be supporting. We are excited to be sponsoring more soon and give those children a good fighting chance to uplift their lives from poverty.