CSLSTORE.NO (CSL - Classy Scandinavian Living) is a Norway-based online store that offers lifestyle and self-care products. CSL is on the mission of providing practical and compelling products to Scandinavia.



Conceiving a child is the most rewarding feeling in the world. However, navigating to this whole new chapter is daunting, especially if you are a first-time mom. You can do numerous readings and preparation before, during, and after pregnancy. Still, the reality is much more complicated than that. Even though you may have thought that you have prepared your mindset, your life and body will undergo significant changes. You're going to need a few new products to keep you at peace. At the moment our online store offers;


Pregnancy care

We offer self-care products that could help you tackle the most common pregnancy problems, from expanding bellies to stretch marks and other pre&post natal issues.



We provide cosmetics that could help you enhance your mood, appearance and boost your self-esteem. We promise to offer reliable products because we know that we all deserve it!. But remember, inside nutrition is also vital that comes from the food we choose to put in our body.



Every person's weight will fluctuate as we navigate to different life chapters. We offer healthy options brands to help you get back on track to your healthy weight. We are certifed organic food importer (Debio approved) and offers certified organic products like coconuts made by Filipino farmers. Coconut is considered a functional food, meaning it offers health benefits beyond it nutritional content ( Souce here)


Compelling products

Currently, we present products made from the Philippines that showcase its resource abundance, such as coconut food products. We hope to present original, and exceptional quality products using natural and indigenous raw materials from developing countries in the Southeast Asia. CSL is actively working with brands-owners so we could offer you a wide range of selections, including lifestyle and self-care products here in Scandinavia. Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to receive exclusive discount codes and early access to these products.



Roxanne -  rb@cslstore.no

A strict, practical first-time mom and the founder of CSL. I like working on the daily operation of CSL from supply chain , logistics to web design (front end design). With a current master's in business analytics, CSL has allowed me to put everything I have learned from my studies into practice. More importantly, I effectively gain a sense of control for myself.


Lorraine - lc@cslstore.no

First-time mom, a freelance photographer, and a social media content creator. I decided to quit my office day job after giving birth to my daughter to be a full-time mom. Having been able to work as a freelancer gives me the opportunity to both have time for my passion and time to take care of my growing family, and this wouldn't be possible if not for cslstore.  



Are you a blogger, influencer or brand owner? We welcome talents who share the same mission and passion as us. CSL is actively looking for creative individuals to join our team. Here in CSL, we hope to collaborate and surround ourselves with people who are smarter than us.

We are looking for brand-owners who would like to expand their market in Scandinavia. We aim to discover new high-quality, healthy options brands (e.g, organic) , compelling products that are made with natural materials and offer them to our customers. Mutually, we would find the best possible approach to offer and distribute your products.


Are you an aspiring entrepreneur, a parent and see yourself working with me/us? I have been trying to build my dream team for a while and would love to work with goal-oriented individual to join my team. At the moment, we are group of women, specifically mothers as you may know are naturally good at multitasking. However,  a person can't be good at everything. I have been looking for a co-founder who will compliment my skills and could bring extra value to this company. If you think you can help me scale this to a company I have envisioned please connect with me.

If you are interested in working together, please contact me using our contact link below or email us at rb@cslstore.no.