The best culinary virgin coconut oil

GreenLife coconut products is bringing all the wonders of coconut oil to your kitchen. 

Its culinary virgin coconut oil is completely odorless making it a neutral oil that is great for all your cooking needs.  It is clean, healthier and in organically produced in coconut plantations in the Philippines. Not only is it sustainably produced, but the company also adheres to fair trade practices with all their farmers guaranteeing that their producers are taken care of just as much as they care for their process and the quality of their products. 

If you need any other proof of this product’s goodness, GreenLife culinary virgin coconut oil is rich and flavorful and rich in medium chain triglycerides which make easier to digest compared to other oils and is completely devoid of genetically modified organisms.  Additionally, its animal-friendly alternative to dairy butter. GreenLife’s product has been certified organic by the US Department of Agriculture, is has European Union Organic certification, has Japanese Agricultural Standards organic certification, Kosher certified and is even Halal certified by the Islamic Da Wah Council of the Philippines. 

GreenLife culinary virgin coconut oil  now open for pre-order and will be available online at Place your orders now and experience the wonders of coconut oil. 

Author: Bob Brillante (A Bearded Bob)

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