Three benefits of a good bath

I can still remember how difficult it was to enjoy bathing when my daughter was born. It feels like whenever I go to the toilet or go to the shower, I have to bring my newly born child with me. Well, that was my mother's instinct telling me - to ensure that she is safe that I have control over by watching her. As a result of doing this, I never enjoy bathing, and it always feels like I needed to rush.

Luckily, as she gets older, the bathing experience becomes less stressful. It became a ritual for me to use bathing as my alone time. Whenever I go to the shower, I make sure that I pamper myself without thinking of anyone, just me, myself, and I (self-love is not selfish). For me, bathing has given me a lot of positive effects some of the benefits are the following

Self-love time

To mothers out there, always remember that you have to take care of yourself first before taking care of others. Taking good care of yourself allows you to take better care of others around you. Bathing is indeed one of many self-care routines you can reward yourself. The most relaxing type of bathing is soaking yourself in a warm tub. However, if you are one of many who doesn't have the luxury of a tub (just like me), taking a 20-30 min warm shower is as good as soaking in a tub. Remember, it's all about the mindset, and happiness is just a state of mind. Pamper yourself by putting on your favorite exfoliator and gently scrub it into your face in a circular motion to remove all the dead skin. 

Soft skin

Bathing in warm water helps open up your pores. Make sure to use products that are gentle to your skin and the planet. Use sustainable source shea butter products from Palmer's for added relaxation, apply Palmer's Shea Butter after the shower to keep your skin soft and moist. The super nourishing ingredient found in this product is the building block for softer and radiant skin. Palmer's Shea Formula is a rich, deeply moisturizing cream that acts as a protective barrier to seal in moisture, repair cracks, and softens the overall texture of your skin.

Never underestimate the benefits a good bath can offer. Its effects are both psychological and physical. Not only, a sound bath can change your mood and reduce stress. It also calms, softens, and revives your skin. Keep calm and enjoy bathing!

Author: Lorraine Cinco

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