Bayong is a traditional Filipino bag made initially by weaving dried Buri or Pandan leaves, making it eco-friendly because of its organic materials. Many Filipinos use bayong as their shopping bag in the early days, particularly when going to the wet market due to its durability and its carry all functionality. Even though its popularity has declined over the last decade, many provinces in the Philippines still use it in their daily grocery shopping.

To increase the popularity of the bayong again, inventive Filipinos had come up with the idea of giving the Bayong a new twist. Some of the latest designs come in different colors. They are made of recycled hard plastic strips, making them still environment friendly and stylish. This fashionable bayong can be used multiple times and a solid alternative to plastic shopping bags. 

Proudly made in the Philippines, this fashionable bayong is handwoven by Filipino women - a showcase of their local artistry, patience, and hard work. This bag is made of brand new polypropylene plastic strips. A type of plastic commonly used in various industries and considered safe for humans. It is very durable, stylish, and once worn out, can be recycled to make new raw materials. 

This tote on the go is a perfect size to have your personal belongings at work, school, at the beach or during grocery shopping. It comes in black, which can easily match your look. Plus, it's easy to clean and fashionable. 

In every purchase of this bag, you help create a better world by supporting women, primarily mothers, located in the Philippines' rural areas. Every bag is a livelihood to the women in the communities to support their families at home.  It also preserves their rich indigenous techniques in handweaving.

Disclaimer: Any slight differences and imperfections among the bags are natural because they are 100% handmade, not machine-made. These bags are handwoven by Filipino women who showcase their local artistry, patience, passion, and hard work. Images: Clarissa M. Ocampo