No sugar cheat day with kids

Sometimes when I talk to my toddler at the dining table, I swear I am my mother. All the things she would nag me about as a kid, guess what? I am doing the same thing to my kid. Eat your carrot! Eat your corn! Eat your peas! No, popcorn does not count, and though cocoa is a fruit, CHOCOLATE IS NOT! If only my mother can hear me now, I bet she'd be laughing at heckling "I told you so" (she does when she's eating with us).

Just in case you didn't notice, my kid adores sugar. Of course, sugar is not all bad; I mean, your brain is literally hardwired to crave for it, but moderation is the key (try telling that to a little kid, though). Anyway, I found a great answer to HealthCo's line of products. Their Proteinella line of spreads gives my kid the flavor she wants and the sugar reduction I want (more like need, though; I mean, who really enjoys running after a toddler with a sugar high?). Their spread comes in three different flavors, so feel free to alternate your cravings.

My daughter personally loves the Smooth Hazelnut & Cocoa Spread and White Chocolate Flavoured Spread on her French brioche. While I prefer the Salted Caramel Flavoured one. I certainly recommend matching this on whole-grain bread for healthier eating. My kid loves it, and her cousins and quite frankly, I adore it too. With a nice slice of bread or using it as a filling for our home-baked pastries, Proteinella makes a great snack or dessert that helps you better control your sugar while also boosting your protein. Match that with an ample serving of your leafy greens beforehand, and you get a nice treat. Remember, when you eat better, you feel better. Spread the word and enjoy your Proteinella!
Author: Lorraine Cinco

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